al Qaeda's New Caliphate

As domestic support for the U.S. occupation of Iraq continues to decline, American withdrawal is no longer a question of "if," but "when" and "how soon." INTELWIRE/INTELFILES presents a special report examining the all-too-real prospect that al Qaeda can successfully leverage any foreseeable scenario for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq against its extremely effective propaganda efforts in the Middle East to create a semi-cohesive regional Islamic power bloc -- an extremist-led political force commanding some of the world's richest resources, an arsenal of nuclear weapons and a territory comparable in size to the continental United States.

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J.M. Berger is a freelance writer and consultant covering transnationalism, business, technology, terrorism and complexity issues. Berger has produced nationally distributed news programming for WBUR (Boston's NPR affiliate) on topics including the future of Iraq and the threat of transnational terrorism. Click here for links to audio. Berger is available for media appearances to discuss this analysis.


  • 9/11: Minute By Minute
  • al Qaeda's Identity Theft Strategy
  • Exposed: Al Qaeda's Plot To Recruit U.S. Soldiers
  • Debunking (And Rebunking) The Nick Berg Conspiracy Theories
  • Debunking & Rebunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  • Online videos show children training for jihad
  • al Qaeda Sought Millions on Web For Taliban
  • Berg Link in Cleric Case?
  • Full Text: 'Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US'


  • bin Laden Kin Secretly Detained in 1995
  • al Qaeda and the Oklahoma City Bombing
  • Al Qaeda's Plot To Recruit U.S. Vets
  • FBI Let Zawahiri Slip Away During '95 Visit
  • Interrogator Firm Sells White House Ethics Video

    INTELFILES Webmaster J.M. Berger occasionally works as a freelance producer of nationally syndicated news programming, distributed by NPR and WBUR-FM, in Boston. Here are links to recent segments he helped produce:

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    Tracking The Document Trail:
    Oklahoma City and al Qaeda

    An INTELFILES/INTELWIRE exclusive report on the Oklahoma City bombing examines suspected links between the two known conspirators Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols and the sprawling network of al Qaeda operatives known to be active in the U.S. during the early 1990s.

    This analysis features material which has never been reported before. The analysis is extensively documented, and INTELWIRE will work with media outlets that wish to verify specific claims.

    U.S. Secretly Detained bin Laden Brother-in-Law For Four Months After Purported May 1995 Deportation

    Federal Government Moved bin Laden Brother-in-Law To High-Security Jail Within Hours Of OKC Bombing

    Jose Padilla and OKC's John Doe #2: A Look at the Long Shot

    Justice Dept. Says Padilla Was Told To Blow Up Buildings in Southwestern U.S.

    -- By J.M. Berger