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January 28, 2004

Neo-Nazi May Save Terry Nichols From Death Chamber

Pete Langan, leader of the Aryan Republican Army, will testify that Timothy McVeigh had help from far right-wing extremists in executing the Oklahoma City bombing.

According to the McCurtain Gazette, Langan will testify that members of his racist bank robbery gang were involved in the bombing plot, and that they robbed gun dealer Roger Moore, a crime for which Nichols was previously blamed.

The new development could keep Nichols out of the death chamber. The Oklahoma state trial set to begin in March is solely for the purpose of attaining a death penalty against Nichols. The new testimony may exonerate Nichols from the most serious charges he currently faces.

The outlines of Langan's likely testimony can be found here and were discussed in great detail in the 2002 investigative book "In Bad Company," by Mark S. Hamm. The testimony may also shed light on the mystery of John Doe 2, a never indicted suspect sought by the FBI in the days after the OKC bombing. According to Hamm, several possible suspects could account for the John Doe 2 sightings, including white supremacist Andreas Strassmeier or former ARA suspect Michael Bresica.

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