Sunday, December 31, 2006

Al Qaeda Militants Reported In Somalia

CNN is reporting that at least three al Qaeda militants are holed up with the Islamic Courts in Somalia. All three are wanted in connection with the 1998 East African embassy bombings. Egyptian-American sleeper agent Ali Mohamed, a key planner of that attack, was reportedly involved in training Somali militants during the early 1990s, although the extent of his involvement is somewhat disputed among the sundry sources.

More importantly, al Qaeda's Somalia initiative was led by an operative named Saif al Adl, who became so enamored of his Somalian trainees that he adoped the nom de guerre "Omar al-Sumali" (Omar the Somalian). INTELWIRE has posted seven pages of al-Adl's reports on his early contacts with Somalian tribesmen, which appear consistent with the notion that some of the current Islamic Courts faction were initially trained and possibly recruited by al Qaeda in the early 1990s.

Saif al-Adl is one of the most senior members of al Qaeda's pre-9/11 leadership still at large and apparently unharried. A longtime Egyptian Islamic Jihad member, Al-Adl appears in one of the 9/11 training tapes released by al Qaeda in September and is likely implicated in that attack.

Where is he now? Some reports suggest Iran, where he may be under house arrest. It seems to me that, given recent developments in Somalia, if al-Adl was free to travel, he would be heading to the region where he can be most effective for the cause, and where he may still have a network of supporters. In other words, don't be surprised if he turns up in Somalia. One of many reasons why what's happening in that country deserves more attention than it has so far received in the U.S. media.



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The Eternal War

Al Qaeda and the Assassins

"Thus, this struggle is not a temporary phase but an eternal state -- an eternal state, as truth and falsehood cannot co-exist on this earth. ... The eternal struggle for the freedom of man will continue until the religion is purified for God."
                        -- Sayyed Qutb

On September 11, many Americans took their first hard look at the web of extremist groups known as al Qaeda, and publishers scoured their libraries for books that could offer insight into radical Islamic terrorism.

Many drew an immediate connection between al Qaeda and the infamous Islamic radical sect of the 11th century, the Nizaris, best known today as the Assassin cult. These early comparisons were often more glib than accurate; many glossed over important gaps that created a seemingly insurmountable gulf of history and theology between the two movements.

But a still-closer examination of the two movements reveals fascinating parallels between al Qaeda and the Assassins, even suggesting a possible path for a historical link between the two. INTELWIRE's J.M. Berger has written a four-part analysis of the topic on behalf of the Rotten.com library. The result is an intriguing hypothetical scenario that could have major implications for the War on Terrorism as it is understood today.

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Alms for Jihad: Charity and Terrorism in the Islamic World
J. Millard Burr and Robert O. Collins (Cambridge University Press, April 17, 2006)

Beyond the Spectacle of Terrorism: Global Uncertainty & the Challenge of the New Media
Henry A. Giroux (Paradigm Publishers, Mar 2006)

Bin Laden's Plan: The Project for the New Al Qaeda Century
David Malone (Trafford Publishing, Nov 4, 2005)

The War On Truth: 9/11, Disinformation And The Anatomy Of Terrorism
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed (Olive Branch Press, April 15, 2005)

International Scientific Journal of Methods and Models of Complexity
"What Feeds Global Terror and What May Eradicate It in the Long Term?"
Mustafa Ergodu


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