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    J.M. Berger is a consultant specializing in homegrown extremism, and author of the critically acclaimed book Jihad Joe: Americans Who Go To War In The Name Of Islam.

    Berger is available to discuss a wide range of issues related to terrorism and extremism, especially American members of Al Qaeda and other homegrown terrorists. Contact him through any of the following methods for an interview or to request a review copy of the book:

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  • Telephone: (202) 656-4576

    When seeking to link on LinkedIn or Facebook, please include a short letter of introduction. Unsolicited connections without an introduction will be refused unless I already know you.

    Technical Capabilities

    J.M. Berger is located in Somerville, Mass., convenient to local television and radio/DSL studios. Remote interviews also can be conducted via high-quality, high-bandwidth Skype connection using a studio/FM quality microphone. For pre-tapes, in-office 1080i HD filming is also available, with files transmitted to your studio via FTP (native AVCHD format, conversion is available).

    About J.M. Berger

    J.M. Berger has been a journalist for 25 years, working in every form of media from newspapers to New Media, radio and television. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, the CTC Sentinel, the New York Daily News and the Boston Globe, and on National Public Radio, Public Radio International and the National Geographic Channel.

    In addition to working internationally as an investigative reporter studying terrorism, he is an award-winning business writer and has covered science, technology and religion. He is currently working on a book about the FBI's infiltration of white supremacist and militia groups in the United States.

    Berger consults on homegrown terrorism and online extremism. He has presented research for counterterrorism professionals such as the New York City Police Department's Intelligence Division, New Jersey state law enforcement, the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University and more.


    INTELWIRE is a research and investigative journalism Web site created in 2004 by J.M. Berger, who has covered terrorism for both radio and television. A major resource for journalists, INTELWIRE disseminates thousands of important primary source documents related to the September 11 attacks, the War on Terrorism, intelligence and diplomacy, and law enforcement.

    Please cite INTELWIRE.com when using a document from this site. Documents have been obtained through FOIA, court records and other sources with a clear chain of custody, which can be provided to journalists as needed.

    Intelwire Sourcebooks For Journalists

    INTELWIRE Sourcebooks are collections of primary source documents with a focus on terrorism and extremism -- including court records, trial transcripts, exhibits, intelligence documents, internal law enforcement documents, policy papers and State Department cables. These collections are designed to give everyone access to the same high-quality original, reference material used by journalists, authors, academics and counterterrorism experts.

  • Al Qaeda In America
  • The Siege at Mecca Sourcebook
  • Mohammed Jamal Khalifa Sourcebook
  • Ali Mohamed Sourcebook
  • Sadat Assassination Sourcebook
  • Gitmo Detainees Sourcebook
  • BIF/Al Qaeda Founding Sourcebook
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  • American Jihadists

    Jihad Joe by J.M. Berger Jihad Joe is the first comprehensive history of the American jihadist movement, tracking the phenomenon from the 1970s to the present. The book has been praised in reviews by the New York Times, Publisher's Weekly, the Washington Times, Redstate.com, Library Journal and more. It is available in hardcover eveywhere books are sold, as well as Kindle, Nook and Google ebook editions.

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