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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Exporting Terrorist Tactics From Iraq

EXCLUSIVE TO INTELWIRE: This newly declassified 2005 State Department analysis highlights one of the most signficant concerns about blowback from the invasion of Iraq -- its use as a proving ground for terrorist tactics and terrorist operatives.

The analysis warns that "the terrorist tactics that have been tested and
refined in [Iraq] may soon become globalized."

Although much of the report has been redacted prior to release by the State Department (an appeal is underway), several specific threat areas are identified:

  • Improvements to the design of vehicular improvised explosive devices (car bombs)
  • Proliferation of other types of IEDs -- the report states "Anything can be a bomb."
  • Improvements and establishment of networks for forged identities and diguise
  • Advances in the use of technology by terrorists

    3/17/2005: State Department Cable, Exporting Terrorist Tactics From Iraq


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